New album: Drums!

Got a lot of work done yesterday at Robbie Road studio Berlin, recording drums with Dirk Morning for my next album. Dirk's a good friend and has been doing great work with people like fellow songwriter Robert Carl Blank. We did eight songs in one day. Mr. Morning was in great shape! The new album is slowly taking shape. Apart from the band songs there will be solo and duo acoustic numbers as well. There is no release date yet, lots of wok still to be done, but I'll keep you all posted!

International Berlin concert

Ich freue mich sehr auf mein letztes diesjähriges Berlinkonzert mit Jason McNiff (GB) und Emma Tricca (IT). Mit Jason, one of the UK's best kept secrets (Mojo Magazine), hätte ich bereits vor zwei Jahren das Vergnügen die Bühne zur teilen. Diesmal kommt er mit der italienischen Folksängerin Emma Tricca. Los geht's am 26.11.16 pünktlich um 20 Uhr im Zimmer 16, Florastrasse 16, Berlin Pankow.

New Website

Pretty cool to have a new website up! It was about time for some updates when many of you view content on your mobile phones, which was a bit of a drag with my old website. So, better late for the party than never. Let me know if you miss something or if something isn't working properly.

New Video (mit dt. Untertiteln)

A song about my diverse memories of my grandfather, who lived in a village in the east german region Lausitz. Deutsche Untertitel für den Text könnt Ihr auf Youtube aktivieren.

Berlin again

My annual concert at Cafe Tasso - always a pleasure. Here are some moments incl. a nod to the Beatles.

Songs From The Road #2

This time I'm in Remscheid, a lovely town out west. The venue was so intimate that we decided to go all unplugged.

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