The album:

When I walked across the Alps from Salzburg to Trieste, I didn't intend to write songs about it. I just wanted to make it!

But ideas came and went and some of them got stuck in my mind, finally turning into the songs on "Into The Mountains", my new album, which roughly reflects my hike over the Alps.

I recorded "Into The Mountains" mainly by myself, playing all the instruments, with a little help from friends and wonderful instrumentalists who put the extra snowy peaked sparkle on the album.

My solo aproach to writing and performing these songs reflects the solitude of my walk into the mountains.

1 Heading Out

2 Into The Mountains
3 (When You're) Out Walking
4 Thank God For Those People
5 On The Move
6 Walk With Me
7 God By My Side
8 Thinking Nothing
9 Ramblin'
10 Breathing In, Breathing Out
11 On The Other Side
12 Miles And Miles

13 Evening Walk

14 The Road Goes On

15 Heading Out Again

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