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When I first went to Spain in 2003 to hike the Camino Frances to Santiago, I had no idea what was in store for me. All the landscapes, rain & heat, the churches and places with their stories, the community in the refugios ... I had never felt the intensity of life in this way. With all ups and downs, sunrises, painful knees and encounters with people who became my friends for a while, some until today.

Like many others, after my return I asked myself how I could keep at least part of that Camino feeling with me. For me as a singer-songwriter, the best way to do it was to write songs about my experiences. About walking, hiking, hurrying and the places and people I met on the way.

This is how my walking song album "Keep Walking" for my music project Trailhead came about.


Hi, I'm Tobias,
and Camino walker.



Diese Songs were written, while I walked thousands of
kilometers through Spain.

After arriving in Santiago in 2003, I didn't know that I would return to Spain. The experience was too intense to immediately think about the next hike. And I wrote a song on that first Camino,"Walking The Camino", about the encounter with a restless pilgrim.
A few years later I found myself on Via de la Plata. Nothing but rain - mucho agua! Somehow I had to persevere and wrote myself a perseverance song:
"Keep Walking"! Writing songs was a good way to get through the rainy kilometers anyway. This is how "Take A Walk", "Road To Salamanca" and "One More Veterano" came about, a song about the best nightcap after a long day on the Camino. After six weeks, I arrived in Santiago, the city of the saint, for the second time. As soon as I arrived I wrote "City Of The Saint".
My last hike in Spain so far took me on the little-traveled Camino Mozarabe, from Almería via Cordoba to Merída on the Via de la Plata. One of the most beautiful moments was walking into the sunrise at dawn. This is what
"The Line" is about.


Walking The Camino

City of the Saint (Santiago Song)

The Line (Mornings on the Camino)

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Press reviews:

"The attention to detail of the booklet, the profound comedy of the front motif as well as the visual staging are consistently continued in the music by Trailhead: Everything is here: Melancholy, euphoria, depth and lightheartedness. Each song is taken for itself a bigger or smaller gem. "
(Folk News)

"This aptly-titled album ... contains a dozen songs marking out the prolific songwriter's cinematic world travels, with the emphasis on walking those streets, mountains and country roads. Ideal ipod, boots and backpack music."
(NorthernSky magazine)

"Keep Walking" not only underlines once more the musical fascination that emanates from the songs of the singer / songwriter, but is also a motto and an invitation to the listener to keep moving in life "
(Book and sound)


Every Camino was an invaluable experience for me, enriching me with impressions, human encounters and knowledge about myself. As a singer-songwriter, there is nothing better for me than being able to share my experiences and impressions with other people. When I play these songs live, I'm back on the Camino for a while. I would be happy if you feel the same while listening to the songs.

Buen Camino & Happy Trails!

- Tobias


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