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Package: Gatefold Cover (no plastic) + 12 page booklet with all lyrics

Release Date: Dec 12, 2014

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Another Mile 
Changing Seasons 
On A Train 
Leave Me To Learn 
My Mothers Father 
This Old Song 
Sing Your Song 
Church Bells 
Nothing But Well 
Out In The Open 
Wouldn't Wanna Miss It 
Red On Black 
When I Come Home Again 


Listening to this highly impressive album you would be entirely forgiven for assuming that the artist was from the American heartland given the delivery, imagery and subject matter...
An impressive album indeed by a hugely talented artist.
(Americana UK, GB)

Leave Me To Learn is yet another rock solid country album from the German singer/songwriter Tobias Panwitz. The title track beautifully pulls at heartstrings I didn’t know I had. “My Mother’s Father” is a loving tribute to the grandfather Panwitz never met.”Out In The Open” grabs me with its piano open and its classic riffs. Panwitz’s lyrics are interwoven with often haunting melodies, and fleshed out with full instrumentation and lush harmonies that never fail to satisfy.
(Americana Music Times, USA - Best Albums of 2014)

These are all beautiful, timeless, original compositions ... Variety in up- or midtempo songs and sensitive ballads, all skillfully played ... My expectations were high, but this album even exceeded them!
( Johanna J. Bodde , Insurgent Country, NL)

Man hört den Songs die Offenheit und Sehnsucht an, die Reisen mit sich bringt. Aber auch eine Entspanntheit, eine Ruhe in der Stimme, die eher Jerry Garcia ähnelt, als der von Bob Dylan. Es geht um Familie, um das was einem der Wind ins Ohr flüstert und um die Person, die zu hause auf einen wartet.
(Schall Musikmagazin)

"Leave me to learn" (CD)

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